Obi-Wan Would’ve Reportedly Fought A Legends Villain In Disney Plus Show


Obi-Wan is on hold at the moment while Lucasfilm deal with their script issues. The delay resulted in howls of disapproval from fans and calls for a change of management over Star Wars, pointing to a number of serious errors made over the last few years. But while Obi-Wan was so close to shooting that there was a crew preparing sets, whatever the plans for the show may have been a month ago, they’re now up in the air.

The Illuminerdi is reporting that they’ve uncovered who the primary antagonist might have been though. Their article backs up recent leaks from Reddit that it was former Jedi A’Sharad Hett. Hett was raised among Tusken Raiders, but rose to the ranks of Jedi General during the events of the Clone Wars and fought alongside Anakin Skywalker. He escaped Order 66 and hid out incognito with Tatooine’s Tusken Raiders, easily able to hide his identity amongst their masks and robes.

Burning with resentment for the Empire, Hett became a warlord and began to assemble an army to take revenge for Order 66. But then he made the fateful decision to violently seize the Lars family homestead, not knowing that it was home to a young Luke Skywalker. After getting a tip-off from the spirit of Qui-Gon Jin, Obi-Wan realized he had to step in to stop him. Apparently, somewhere along the way, Hett would learn Luke’s lineage and attempt to kill him, and the climax of the season would’ve seen Obi-Wan defeating Hett in battle, using both his own and Anakin’s sabers.

Of course, the character featured in the now non-canon Legends continuity, but I suppose Disney and Lucasfilm could have seen enough potential in him to bring him into the current universe. And while it would be interesting to know a bit more about the Tusken Raiders, it stretches belief a little bit that this area of Tatooine is secretly home to two incognito former Jedi Generals who both had a close relationship with Anakin Skywalker.

Perhaps we will indeed see Hett whenever the show materializes (if it ever does), but with Obi-Wan being comprehensively retooled, making any predictions about it right now is foolish.