Epic ‘Ahsoka’ fan poster imagines Temeura Morrison as a live-action Captain Rex

Captain Rex

This epic Ahsoka fan poster imagines Temuera Morrison as a live-action Captain Rex. While we’re not entirely certain if we’ll be getting any further chapters in The Book of Boba Fett, it would be a waste if Lucasfilm didn’t invite the New Zealand actor back for more, especially as his time as Jango Fett means he’s the go-to actor for any of the bounty hunter’s clone spawn. Well, maybe there’s an opening for him to return to Star Wars straight away in an incoming TV series, in an iconic role he’s never played before.

Reddit user u/old__master has created this amazing poster for the Ahsoka show which imagines Morrison embodying beloved animated character Rex, previously voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. Rosario Dawson has appeared twice now as the Togrutan former Jedi, once on The Mandalorian season two and once on Boba Fett, but she’ll finally be getting her own vehicle when the spinoff show arrives on Disney Plus. We’re pretty sure that EP Dave Filoni is going to mine the mythos he created for his animated series for this one, so why not bring back Morrison as Ahsoka’s old friend?

The former commander of the 501st Legion, Rex has gone through as much as Ahsoka has across his various appearances in The Clone Wars, Rebels, and The Bad Batch, ending up as one of the few clones to escape Order 66 with his individuality intact and even serving in the Battle of Endor. It would mean a lot to the fans, then, to see these two old allies reunited many years later in Ahsoka. And this poster confirms that Morrison could definitely pull off Rex’s signature beard, as well as the aged-up makeup required to transform him into the grizzled ex-soldier.

To date, Rex’s involvement in the series hasn’t been confirmed, but we do know that Natasha Liu Bordizzo is playing Sabine Wren with Grand Admiral Thrawn and Ezra Bridger likely to show up, too. Ahsoka starts shooting this April.