New Doctor Who Story Might Turn David Tennant’s Doctor Evil

Doctor Who David Tennant

Today, the BBC announced an ambitious, expansive new Doctor Who story that will encompass every medium of the Whoniverse except the TV show itself. Titled Time Lord Victorious, the story – which will be made up of books, comics, audio dramas, VR games and even escape rooms –  revolves around three Doctors and one fan favorite companion. Namely, the Eighth (Paul McGann), the Ninth (Christopher Eccleston), the Tenth (David Tennant) and Rose Tyler (Billie Piper).

So far, the only plot info we’ve got tells us that these icons of the franchise will come together to stop a “terrible race” from destroying Gallifrey (er, again). The event’s poster gives us a lot of hints to work with, though. The Daleks will be in it, for one, as will a snappily-dressed Ood. And, most interestingly, the Tenth Doctor is depicted dressed in full – if tattered – Time Lord finery.

This poster reminds us that the title refers to Ten himself. In 2009’s “The Waters of Mars,” a broken Doctor briefly turned his back on his own code and decided that time was his to command, even calling himself the “Time Lord Victorious.” However, the death of Adelaide Brooke due to his actions snapped him out of it. But is this new tale going to revisit the concept? And is it just me or does the Tenth Doctor look a little bit… evil in this image?

What if the Doctor didn’t shake off his Time Lord Victorious persona as quickly as he seemed and actually went on to do something reckless that caused this new threat to attack Gallifrey, leading to his other selves coming to save it? We’ve been promised an epic story like nothing we’ve ever seen before and one of the most popular Doctors breaking bad would definitely match that description, don’t you think?