Ex-Doctor Who Showrunner Has Written A Sequel Story To “Rose”


The Doctor Who fan community has really come together since we all went into quarantine, with various livestream screenings of beloved episodes keeping us entertained. First of all, “The Day of the Doctor” got the treatment, with writer Steven Moffat and star Dan Starkey sharing a hilarious new intro for the anniversary special. Then it was “Rose,” which aired 15 years ago last week. For that, ex-showrunner Russell T. Davies not only wrote a short prequel to the episode, but also released an even longer sequel story which reveals the untold tale of what happens next.

As fans will know, “Rose” was the first installment in the modern era of Who, introducing us to the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler as they battled the Nestene Consciousness and its army of living plastic mannequins. Obviously, the heroes defeat the alien monster in the end. However, this sequel reveals that the Nestene managed to escape its doom and set an even more diabolical plan in motion.

You can watch a reading of Davies’ tale in the player above, as narrated by Jacob Dudman – an actor and impressionist who does a lot of work for the Who audio dramas of Big Finish Productions. Alternatively, if you’d prefer, Davies shared the story – titled “Revenge of the Nestene” – in written form on his Instagram account, designed in the style of the classic Target novelizations.

Have we all watched/read it now? It’s a hugely entertaining yarn, featuring fan-pleasing nods to the Time War and the Nestene’s next appearance in 2010’s “The Pandorica Opens,” when it was allied with the Doctor’s other greatest foes. The final punchline – that the creature has taken the form of a certain blonde English politician – is pretty hilarious.

Doctor Who Magazine’s Emily Cook is the mastermind behind these communal rewatches and the next one is occurring tomorrow (March 30th), with “Vincent and the Doctor” on the menu. The Eleventh Doctor himself Matt Smith is joining Twitter especially for the occasion, so make sure to take part if you’re on the platform.

It’s a tough time right now, but it means a lot that the cast, crew and fans of Doctor Who are joining forces to brighten our days somewhat.