Ethan Hawke reveals he’s shared ‘Moon Knight’ spoilers with one person

moon knight

As is always the case with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the broad strokes of streaming series Moon Knight are being kept under lock and key, but the sizzle reel that premiered on Disney Plus Day was more than enough to see it become one of the online community’s top talking points.

Oscar Isaac suiting up and reporting for duty as a nocturnal vigilante blessed with powers by an Egyptian sun god as he wrestles with dissociative identity disorder is a hell of a pitch to folks unfamiliar with the character, but those with a knowledge of Marc Spector and his various alter egos couldn’t be more excited.

Ethan Hawke is on villainous duties, and while several candidates have been named, the identity of his role remains under wraps. However, speaking to Variety, the four-time Academy Award nominee admitted that there’s one person he’s been spilling secrets to.

“It’s not in my personality to just not rifle all kind of information out. It’s so difficult for me. My son has to know everything. He’s 19, he was the perfect age for the Marvel universe. You know, he came of age as that whole explosion has happened. So whenever I needed to know the backstory behind this god or this character, he’s like, ‘Ah, Dad! Let me correct you on that.’ So he was my go-to resource.”

So far, all we know is that Hawke claims to be basing his performance on Waco leader David Koresh, which is intriguing enough when you consider this is the family-friendly MCU we’re talking about. Moon Knight is deep into post-production, but with no official release date announced as of yet, it could be a while before we find of with any degree of certainty who he’s playing.