Fans Haven’t Stopped Talking About Moon Knight All Weekend

moon knight

The lack of Star Wars content on offer may have left many people feeling disappointed, but at least we can always rely on the Marvel Cinematic Universe to bring the goods, with Kevin Feige’s outfit dropping bomb after bomb during Friday’s Disney Plus Day.

As well as the official announcements of several new projects, with next week’ debut of Hawkeye the first of seventeen streaming exclusives to come, we also got our first look at footage from hotly-anticipated duo She-Hulk and Moon Knight. While the former generated plenty of buzz, fans haven’t stopped talking about the latter all weekend.

It’s been almost 48 hours since our first glimpse at Oscar Isaac’s Marc Spector, but as you can see from the reactions below, there’s a reason why Moon Knight has been trending ever since the sizzle reel first dropped.

Take one of the best actors of their generation, drop them into the world’s most popular franchise as a cult favorite character that allows him to explore multiple facets of Spector’s many personalities, and it’s obvious why Moon Knight has been at the forefront of the conversation for so long. All we need now is a release date, which clearly can’t come soon enough.