Ethan Peck Says He’d Love To Continue Playing Spock In Future Star Trek TV Shows


Ethan Peck became the third actor to play the legendary role of Spock in Star Trek: Discovery season 2, following on from the one and only Leonard Nimoy and the reboot movies’ Zachary Quinto. He was a quick hit with fans, but we shouldn’t expect to see him on that show again given that the Discovery crew were last seen flying 1000 years into the future. Would Peck like to play the Vulcan again in another Star Trek project, though? You bet he would.

In an interview with Ars Technica, Peck made clear that he hopes he isn’t done with Spock. In case you had any doubts, it’s clear he’s a massive Trek fan and understands its core themes and how much it means to people.

“I would love to continue playing this character and being a part of this world. Sure, I am biased by now because I’m part of it, and I’ve drunk the Kool-Aid, but there’s almost something religious about Star Trek. Its ideology provides a hope that people can hold onto. Just look at the community it’s created. It celebrates what makes us special as human beings, illuminates what makes us great.”

As for getting into character, Peck went on to discuss how he turned to Nimoy’s original performance for inspiration to convey the central conflict between the two sides of Spock’s nature.

“What makes Spock so compelling is the perpetual conflict within him. The conflict between logic and emotion, between Vulcan and human. I always saw in Nimoy’s eyes a depth of understanding of the emotion around him, and an empathy with those around him. That wasn’t always communicated verbally. But you see it in the time he takes to consider moments or situations. That, I think, expresses his humanity very well.”

Luckily for Peck and fans of his portrayal, there’s a very good chance he might get the opportunity to don those pointy ears again. There’s been a lot of talk since DIS season 2 that a spinoff show for Anson Mount’s Captain Pike could be on the way, which would also bring back Peck and Rebecca Romijn’s Number One as his trusted officers aboard the Enterprise. Mount has likewise expressed interest in returning as Pike.

In fact, we’ve even heard that such a project is definitely in the works at CBS, but they’re just not ready to announce it yet. The fans want it though and so do the actors, it seems, so hopefully it won’t be long before Peck and co. are back in the Star Trek universe.