Star Trek: Discovery’s Anson Mount Says He’s Down To Play Pike Again


Star Trek: Discovery‘s second season has generally received a warmer reception from fans than the controversial first run and a lot of that has to do with Anson Mount’s turn as Christopher Pike, a character who’s been knocking around the Trek universe for 50 years via various portrayals.

Mount has managed to become the most popular iteration of the erstwhile Enterprise captain though and with the actor due to leave the show with tonight’s season 2 finale, fans are hoping that he’ll at least return as a guest star in future runs or, even better, lead his own spinoff show. During a panel at Great Philadelphia Comic-Con, Mount was asked if he thought there was space for more of Pike and he said there is, explaining that there’s enough wriggle room in established canon for further appearances.

Sure…There is plenty to flesh out, I think with a lot of these characters. In terms of the timeline, I think there is plenty of time as well. I know what you are getting at [laughs].”

Upon being directly asked if he’d like to play Pike again, the actor seemed into the idea but noted the following:

“It would involve a lot of creative conversations.”

The thirst for a Pike spinoff – with Ethan Peck and Rebecca Romijn also returning as Spock and Number One, of course – is so much that a petition has been started that nearly 20,000 fans have signed to date. Mount also touched on whether this is something he’d be interested in and said he’d do it but admitted he wouldn’t relish the grueling filming process.

“I’d love to see that too. But doing it [laughs]. It’s not an easy show to shoot. This season we shot for eight months, for fourteen episodes. That is a snail’s pace. That is long. But, I don’t know anything that you don’t.”

Tonight’s Star Trek: Discovery finale follows on the tense cliffhanger of last week’s penultimate installment, “Such Sweet Sorrow,” as the Discovery and the Enterprise were faced with an armada of ships sent by the corrupted Control. Be sure to tune in to see season 2 reach its climax.

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