Quicksilver Actor Reportedly Playing Mystery Role In WandaVision

Quicksilver Days of Future Past X-Men

Marvel fans have been wondering whether Scarlet Witch’s twin brother Quicksilver would appear in her very first solo vehicle WandaVisionand now word has arrived that he’s indeed involved. The only thing is, it’s not the Quicksilver we were expecting. Insider Charles Murphy of Murphy’s Multiverse is reporting that X-Men star Evan Peters is secretly part of the cast of the upcoming Disney Plus TV series.

The scooper notes that reliable sources have informed him Peters signed up late last year and filmed his part shortly after. The studio’s managed to keep it a secret until now, but word has finally gotten out.

Peters, of course, played Peter Maximoff in Fox’s X-universe, starting in 2014’s Days of Future Past and then again in 2016’s Apocalypse and 2019’s Dark Phoenix.  This news will likely cause fans some confusion as Aaron Taylor-Johnson is the MCU’s own resident Quicksilver, though he was killed off back in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron. As Murphy states, though, it’s highly unlikely that Peters is playing the other Maximoff sibling in the show for this very reason. This leaves his actual character a mystery.

Given all the darker roles he’s portrayed in American Horror Story over the years, Murphy offers the option that he could be playing WandaVision’s big bad. Maybe even the devil of the Marvel universe himself, Mephisto. Of course, it’s feasible that he could be playing the Fox universe’s Quicksilver, and the series is tying into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness more directly than we thought, in terms of opening the door to alternate dimensions.

Peters was always a standout performer in the later X-Men films, so whoever he’s playing, it’s good news that he’s back in the Marvel universe. As far as we know, WandaVision is still set to arrive this winter on Disney Plus, though some sort of delay isn’t out of the question. Watch this space for more.