Even a Kingpin tease can’t stop ‘Hawkeye’ fans wondering where Yelena is

florence pugh black widow

Today’s episode of Hawkeye was certainly a very interesting one, with the biggest talking point of another action-packed installment being the brief appearance of a mysterious hand, even though we’re pretty sure who those giant sausage fingers will end up belonging to.

Anybody familiar with the comic books will be aware that Echo has strong ties to Kingpin, and while Alaqua Cox’s ass-kicking debut as Maya Lopez was an undoubted highlight, fans are arguably even more excited to lay eyes on the man the Tracksuit Mafia refers to as Uncle.

However, even the strongest indication yet that Vincent D’Onofrio is on his way to the Marvel Cinematic Universe wasn’t enough to stop Yelena Belova trending for a second consecutive week now that we’ve reached the halfway point of Hawkeye with no sign of Florence Pugh.

Clearly, this is going to become a recurring theme and until the Black Widow debutant eventually returns, in which case she’ll just end up trending even harder. Yelena’s impending arrival only serves to add another subplot to the satisfying stew that is Hawkeye, especially now that the resident chrome-domed head honcho of the New York City underworld looks to have taken one more step towards his glorious return.