Everyone’s Favorite Song From The Witcher Now Has An Official Lyric Video

The Witcher

Fans of The Witcher are still struggling to get the hit Netflix show out of their heads, and for good reason. A riveting performance Henry Cavill did give as Geralt of Rivia, but the titular monster hunter is far from the runaway winner in this particular popularity contest. No, it’s Jaskier, or more specifically, a certain one of the bard’s songs, that’s living rent-free in the minds of fans following the release of Lauren Hissrich’s acclaimed adaptation.

Indeed, “Toss a Coin to Your Witcher” has become something of a pop culture phenomenon since its whimsical lyrics first passed Joey Batey’s lips, to the extent that its composers have now taken it upon themselves to offer an official lyric video for the ballad over on YouTube.

Announcing its release over on Twitter, Sonya Belousova said:

Due to the somewhat late delivery, of course, countless unofficial versions of the tune already exist online, but if you fancy showing your support to the right people, this is the one to watch.

Netflix’s eight-episode first season of The Witcher is available to view now and follows the trials and tribulations of Geralt, one of the last few remaining Witchers, as he attempts to be reunited with his ward, Ciri, in a war-torn Continent. Unsurprisingly, given the praise showered on season 1, the showrunners have already confirmed that a follow-up is in the works, with filming said to begin imminently. Unfortunately, that means you’ll be waiting until sometime in 2021 to finally see Cavil return as the White Wolf, though you could always read Andrzej Sapkowski’s original books to pass the time.

That is, of course, assuming you can find a copy anywhere. In order to keep up with explosive new demand, major reprints of the Polish author’s works have become a necessity, with even online retailers such as Amazon having recently run out of stock. The shortage appears to have been somewhat remedied as of writing, though who knows for how long!