Exclusive: ‘Hanna’ star agrees with Martin Scorsese’s Marvel comments

hanna season 3

It’s been years since Martin Scorsese first disparaged the artistic merits of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and yet fans still haven’t forgotten. It opened a huge can of worms at the time, with Francis Ford Coppola happily joining the ‘old man yells at cloud club’, while countless stars and filmmakers weighed in with differing opinions.

Ridley Scott hardly shied away from the conversation when he generally described superhero cinema as “f*cking boring as sh*t’, while The Power of the Dog director Jane Campion actively admitted that she hates comic book adaptations with an almost burning passion.

While you could always boil it down to a generation thing given that the aforementioned quartet is all aged between 67 and 83, 21-year-old Hanna star Esmé Creed-Miles revealed in an interview with We Got This Covered that she’s fully in agreement with Scorsese, after joking that she might not be able to resist the lure of a Marvel paycheck now that the Prime Video series has dropped its third and final season.

“I don’t know what the future holds for me. But I mean, Marvel’s a great paycheck, so… I’m joking! I’m not joking. No, I am actually joking. I don’t… it’s not actually something that I’d really want to do. I think Scorsese was right when he said that they’re just not even films.”

Of course, there’s an element of tongue-in-cheek to Creed-Miles’ response, but it definitely doesn’t sound as though she’s in a hurry to suit up and report for duty should Kevin Feige’s outfit come calling. As she says, Scorsese has earned the right to say whatever he wants, given his standing in the industry, regardless of if it rubs MCU fans the wrong way.