Exclusive Interview With Chad Rook On The Flash

Weather Wizard

WGTC: Do you think your character will show up in costume at some point?

Chad Rook: I think when you have people like Geoff Johns and Andrew Kreisberg involved in the creative process, it’s only a matter of time before fans get the characters they know and love. And that includes the look. I don’t have all the answers, but I would assume it’s only a matter of time.

WGTC: What were some of your inspirations and influences for a role like this? Villains can be a bit tricky, especially when they have super powers and even more so when those powers have to be conveyed on a television budget. Have you ever played someone like this before?

Chad Rook: Like I said, I’ve been blessed with many villain roles, but my inspiration for this particular character was actually from a professional wrestler by the name of Bray Wyatt. If you watch footage of Bray online, you will see subtle hints and mannerisms that I picked up on and used within the character of Clyde Mardon. It was a very unique character and I used it as a starting point for the character.  The twitching and odd body movements stemmed from me acting as if the “weather” was constantly moving throughout my body. The two aspects joined together nicely and helped me create what I feel is a pretty badass villain.

WGTC: I also see that you’ve been appearing at several conventions and have been keeping extremely busy promoting the show over the last few months. What was that experience like? Just judging by your Tweets it’s clear to see that you really connect with fans and are having a legitimately good time. Did you ever think your part in the pilot would turn out this way?

Chad Rook: To be honest, I’m just going with whatever comes my way and enjoying every second of it. This industry is full of ups and downs and I’ve learned to take the downs with a grain of salt and really enjoy the ups when they come. Right now with The Flash and all the excitement and hype from the fans surrounding the show, I’m enjoying EVERY aspect that comes my way and what better way to do that than be in person with the fans?

WGTC: Okay, one more question. We know that Arrow and The Flash will have some crossover episodes this season, and the fun thing about having the shows connected is that characters can move freely back and forth as needed. Have there been any discussions or conversations about you someday appearing on Arrow? If that were an option for you, would you like to show up in Starling City and give Green Arrow a run for his money? 

Chad Rook: Absolutely! There hasn’t been any talk or conversations as of yet, but with the recent news and media it seems as though they’re already converging the two shows and the villains in each. I would love to show the Arrow that there’s only enough room on this planet for ONE Green DC Badass… and that’s me.

That concludes our interview, but I want to give a big thank you to Chad for reaching out to me and devoting his time to talk about The Flash, which airs on Tuesday nights on the CW.