Exclusive Video Interview: Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless And Jill Marie Jones Talk Ash Vs. Evil Dead


Fans who have been pining for the return of Ash J. Williams are in luck, as the iconic horror character is back with Starz’s new TV show, Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Acting as a sequel of sorts to Sam Raimi’s classic 80’s horror franchise, the series follows the titular hero, who, in his infinite ineptitude, is high out of his mind with a local working girl one night and decides to recite some lines from the Necronomicon Ex-Mortis to impress her. (Oops.)

Naturally, such incantation doesn’t bode well for Ash, who finds the creatures he’s been outrunning for years back at his doorstep. And with Deadites crawling all over, the guy’s left with little other option than to reattach his chainsaw hand and get to work slaying the hordes of Deadites that his own dumbassery has brought down on humankind.

Our very own Isaac Feldberg reviewed the show earlier this week, and concluded the following about it:

Bringing Ash, his trusty chainsaw hand and hordes of Deadites to the small screen was no small task – but Ash vs. Evil Dead is all treat and no trick, honoring the franchise’s blood-soaked legacy with a luridly entertaining and gloriously gory update.

Recently, at the NYC press day for the series, we caught up with Mr. Bruce Campbell himself to chat about his much anticipated return to the franchise that made him a star all those years ago. A pleasure to talk to, as always, the actor shared with us what he thinks about blending genres, how being on Starz helped the show and much more. In addition to Bruce, we also had the chance to sit down with his two co-stars, Lucy Lawless and Jill Marie Jones, who also spoke with us about the highly anticipated series.

Check out what Groovy Bruce and his co-stars had to say in our interview by watching the videos above and below, and be sure to tune into Ash vs. Evil Dead when it premieres on October 31st!