Here’s What To Expect When The Flash Returns In Two Weeks


Although we could probably keep going back and forth when it comes to what the last few episodes of The Flash had to offer, I hope that we can all agree it’s for the better that Barry Allen has finally been exonerated and is out of prison. To borrow from the title of the Scarlet Speedster’s inaugural story arc in the New 52, we can now “move forward.”

Of course, we’re going to have to wait to see whatever lies ahead, as the network has placed this and several other of its shows on a brief hiatus for the next few weeks. As such, we had not much to go on last week other than a new promo video.

Fortunately, there’s now this synopsis for the returning episode, “Subject 9”:

RALPH FEARS FOR HIS LIFE — Barry (Grant Gustin) meets a powerful woman whose abilities could help him in his battle with DeVoe (guest star Sugar Lyn Beard). Meanwhile, after learning that DeVoe is targeting everyone who was on the bus, Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) decides he doesn’t want to be a hero anymore, his only concern is staying alive. Harry (Tom Cavanagh) offers to help Joe (Jesse L. Martin). Ralph Hemecker directed the episode written by Mike Alber & Gabe Snyder (#414).

So, aside from the Elongated Man continuing to be a stretchy albatross around the series’ neck, we’ll be waiting to see if indeed Barry is able to turn the tide in the battle against DeVoe. As you may remember, he’s continuing to jump bodies, this time inhabiting Hazard. And given how synopses are released weeks ahead of time, you have to admit we wouldn’t have gotten anything this spoiler-ish had it dropped before the current status quo was established.

The Flash returns with new episodes on Tuesday, February 27 on The CW.