Expect A More Heroic Black Siren In Arrow Season 7


In the midst of Team Arrow‘s civil war that unfolded over the course of season 6, one of the biggest motivators for tuning in was to see how the Black Siren situation played out. Having come over from Earth-2 a couple years back, Laurel Lance’s doppelganger eventually shed her villainous ways thanks to the tireless efforts of the now deceased Quentin Lance.

Naturally, this will be “a huge story point going forward,” which new showrunner Beth Schwartz confirmed to TV Guide in their latest Comic-Con Special. Not only that, but “she will try to live up to the Laurel Lance legacy to make him proud.”

Based on that, it’s probably more than safe to conclude that Black Siren will be a force for good in the coming year, so hopefully Oliver Queen opens up a spot for her on the team before long. Sure, she may have a checkered past with the newest Black Canary, Dinah Drake, but we’ve seen they’re willing to put their differences aside for the sake of Star City.

Still, the publication lets us know her leather clad persona is “craving vengeance,” so Ricardo Diaz had better watch his back once he resurfaces. And though this gal is from a parallel universe, it’s not uncommon for Lances to declare a vendetta, regardless of which Earth they originate. Lest we forget, Sara hounding Damien Darhk throughout time for the murder of “her” Laurel.

Having gotten this out in the open, let’s cross our fingers hoping we finally get those flashbacks detailing Black Siren’s past on Earth-2. This was something we were supposed to receive in season 6, but perhaps the producers got caught up in other threads.

Arrow returns for its seventh season on Monday, October 15 on The CW.