Expect To Learn More About The Flash’s Mysterious Message In DC TV Crossover

A few weeks ago in Legends of Tomorrow, Professor Stein and Jax (who come together to form Firestorm) discovered a message from 2056 which had been left for Rip Hunter by The Flash. The contents of it weren’t fully revealed, but we do know that he was warning the time traveller about some sort of war which takes place in the future.

In a recent interview, Victor Garber promised that we’ll learn more about what future Barry Allen was talking about in the upcoming crossover, which will also take place in Arrow and Supergirl. Interestingly, it definitely doesn’t sound like The Flash was warning Rip about the arrival of the Dominators, as some fans have theorized.

“It sort of comes out in dribs and drabs. It’s a big mystery and a big deal. It’s a spoiler if I give you too much information, but it’s just part of the whole mystery of time travel and the fact that this is coming from Barry years later and then when he finds out — and that all happens in the crossover, so it just sort of unfolds as these things do on these shows, and lots of things occur in that time period.”

Chances are the message has something to do with Rip’s recent disappearance and whatever the Reverse-Flash is planning as he assemble his Legion of Doom. With the focus of next week’s Legends of Tomorrow (and the rest of The CW’s DC TV offerings) on an alien invasion, The Flash’s message probably won’t take centre stage, but it’s still good to know we’ll learn more about it here.

What it could be and how it will tie into The Flash‘s series remains to be seen, but feel free to let us know your theories in the comments section down below.