Invasion Crossover Posters Feature Green Arrow, The Flash And Legends Of Tomorrow


Earlier today, we got a new poster for Supergirl promoting next week’s Invasion crossover. Now, The CW has released three more for the chapters which will play out in The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. There’s no sign of the Dominators here, but we do get a new look at each of the show’s heroes and supporting casts.

This huge DC TV crossover kicks off with next Monday’s episode of Supergirl, when Barry Allen and Cisco arrive on Kara Danvers’ Earth to ask for her assistance in stopping a new alien menace who it’s thought wants to capture all metahumans in the hope of creating their own.

Beyond that, we really don’t know what to expect, but this is shaping up to be an epic event for fans of these shows. Crossovers between Arrow and The Flash have taken place over the last couple of years (2015’s set the stage for Legends of Tomorrow), but this one looks set to be even bigger and better as it will incorporate more characters than ever before.

As you can see in the gallery below, these newly released posters come together to form one huge image. It’s a shame in many ways that they’re so poorly Photoshopped, but it’s a good effort by The CW, and will no doubt help build excitement as we get closer to the worlds of Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow colliding.