Expect To See A Different Captain Cold This Season On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow


Before the new season of Prison Break arrives, you can look forward to seeing Wentworth Miller make his triumphant return as Captain Cold on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Yes, he technically died during the first season, but that’s the beauty of time travel, baby.

Miller himself elaborated on that very topic when recently speaking with Entertainment Weekly:

“My sense is that if Snart comes back into the storyline via his present day incarnation, then he’s a straight up villain. He hasn’t gone on that first season Legends of Tomorrow journey yet, so when we meet him again — quote unquote alive in 2017 — I imagine that he’s going to be much like when we first met him the first season on The Flash, which I’m looking forward to, because it means I get to arc to a completely different place.”

Technically, Leonard Snart was plucked from 2016 and died in the Vanishing Point, so it would logically have to be a version of him from the past that’s brought into the fold, something we hope the producers realized. Still, it should be amusing to see a shift in dynamic between him and Heat Wave, which he also spoke of:

“I think he’d be disappointed. I also think some of that disappointment would stem from being triggered by watching his former buddy, a hard criminal, show a softer, more heroic side, because that might mean to Snart that he, too, is capable of showing a softer, more heroic side. I’m looking forward to their interaction for sure.”

But what we’re all waiting to see is how he’ll become integrated into the Legion of Doom. Apparently, we shouldn’t expect initial interactions to be all that different from what was seen in the first season:

“What I can tell you is that Snart is not used to taking orders. He’s not a team player. That was certainly his story the first season on Legends, so I expect fireworks. I look forward to it.”

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow returns with new episodes on Tuesday, January 24 on The CW.