Extended Promo For The Flash Puts The Focus On The Mischievous Trajectory


After last night’s mind-blowing episode of The Flash, an extended promo has been released which gives us a better idea of what to expect when the series returns on March 22nd. Rather than revolving around that massive Zoom reveal, the spotlight is instead put on the small screen debut of villainous speedster Trajectory (which also happens to be the episode’s title).

The CW has yet to release an official episode description for the next instalment of The Flash, but we do have this brief version to go on for now:

A new speedster has everyone distracted in a new episode of The Flash, returning Tuesday March 22nd on The CW!

When Trajectory was first spotted in one of the trailers for The Flash, many fans assumed that it was Jesse Quick (the comic book alter-ego of Harrison Wells’ daughter). That’s clearly not the case though, and time will tell when it comes to the chances of her becoming a speedster like Barry Allen.

For now, the hero is going to be busy trying to protect his reputation when Trajectory goes on a stealing spree in Central City, and with the show’s producers promising that even more big Zoom reveals are coming, The Flash‘s return really can’t get here soon enough.

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