The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Fans Are Freaking Out Over The Zemo Cut

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm in Jurassic Park, an army of Marvel Cinematic Universe fans are turning their attention towards Kevin Feige and saying: ‘You did it. You crazy son of a bitch, you did it.’ After one of the shortest fan campaigns in recorded history, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier not only revealed the full scene of Daniel Bruhl’s Zemo dancing in all of his glory, but the video runs for an entire hour.

Naturally, the news has gone down very well with MCU enthusiasts, who picked up the joke and ran with it after seeing the nefarious Baron bust out his favorite ‘drunk uncle at a wedding’ moves on the dance floor in Madripoor. #ReleaseTheZemoCut was trending on Wednesday, and just 24 hours later the video made its way online. As you can see from the reactions below, though, it would be safe to say that The Falcon and the Winter Soldier faces a tough task to deliver a more memorable scene across its final three episodes.

Captain America: Civil War established Zemo as one of the most dangerous adversaries that any of the MCU’s marquee names had ever faced before. He was just a normal guy without any superpowers, but he was fiercely intelligent, relentlessly determined and powered entirely by grief, while his cerebral method of dismantling the Avengers got him closer to ending the all-star team for good than anyone else except from Thanos.

However, he’s now firmly established as a cult hero thanks almost entirely to his nightclub antics, although given his history and reputation, he’ll no doubt betray Sam and Bucky long before The Falcon and the Winter Soldier draws to a close.