The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Photo All But Confirms New MCU Hero Debut

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier has been all but confirmed to introduce yet another superhero into the MCU. Previous set photos have revealed signs labelled “Hoskins Family Flowers,” which suggested Lemar Hoskins AKA Battlestar would be appearing in the upcoming Disney Plus series. However, no photographic evidence of the character had materialized. Until now, that is, as we’re pretty sure we just got our first look at this new costumed vigilante, thanks to Bucky Barnes himself.

Sebastian Stan shared a picture on his Instagram account today depicting him standing alongside three of his co-stars trying to keep warm while filming in Atlanta, Georgia. Obviously, that’s Anthony Mackie on the left, with Wyatt Russell next to him, who’s joining the franchise in the show as John Walker AKA the new, government-sanctioned Captain America. In between Russell and Stan is actor Cle Bennett (Homeland, The Man in the High Castle), though, and he must be playing Battlestar.

Though their big winter coats cover most of their garb, the foursome are clearly wearing their superhero costumes underneath. Fortunately, Bennett has his coat unzipped, so we can see the star emblem on his front. As you could probably guess from his name, Battlestar also sports such an emblem on his suit. It’s important that he’s standing next to Russell, too, as Hoskins is Walker’s best pal and was originally the Bucky to his Captain America, though he later took the name Battlestar just as Walker transitioned into U.S. Agent.

Walker and Hoskins are heroes in the comics, it’s just that their ideals and morals don’t always line up with Steve Rogers and his friends. It’s hard to say, then, whether they’ll become allies to Sam and Bucky in Falcon or remain antagonists. This photo of them together might suggest, though, that both pairs team up towards the end of the series, likely to take on Daniel Bruhl’s Baron Zemo when The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on the streaming service this August.