Falcon And The Winter Soldier Viewer Anticipation Tracking Over 200% Higher Than The Mandalorian

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Marvel Cinematic Universe fans weren’t sure what to expect from WandaVision, but whatever it was, they didn’t get it. The franchise’s first exclusive Disney Plus series has deviated as far away from the standard formula as possible, subverting and upending expectations at every turn to stand out as a truly unique entry in the long-running superhero series.

Those who prefer the MCU to focus on witty banter, explosive action sequences and old fashioned comic book adventures, though, don’t have long to wait until The Falcon and the Winter Soldier arrives on the scene, and based on the impressive viewing figures racked up by the most recent trailer, audiences are champing at the bit to see Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes’ solo show.

Not only did the Super Bowl spot quickly become the most-watched promo ever for any streaming series, but new data has The Falcon and the Winter Soldier tracking 200% ahead of The Mandalorian in terms of audience anticipation. As per a report from TV Time, an entertainment platform that crunches these sorts of numbers, the project has ranked among the three most anticipated shows since last April, with the new trailer causing a massive surge in interest.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier is 200% ahead of where The Mandalorian was during the same point in the buildup to release, but it’s also 43% in front of WandaVision. While this sort of data is hardly indicative of what the overall viewership is going to be, with Mando’s second season firmly establishing the Star Wars spinoff as the most popular show on TV, the MCU’s next foray into episodic storytelling is in a good position to at least trouble those numbers, if not exceed them.