Another Familiar Villain’s Returning For The Flash Season 6


Production on The Flash season 6 has moved onto episode 18 this week, with set photos from filming in Vancouver revealing that fan favorite villain Godspeed will be making his third appearance on the show in that installment. Additional snaps from the location shoot though also confirm that another familiar foe will feature in this same episode, making this a must-see for Flash lovers.

On their website, Canadagraphs has shared a bunch of photos of a character notable for their black hoodie and green glowing gauntlets. That’s right, Pied Piper is coming back to Central City! Hartley Rathaway was a recurring threat on the first two seasons of the show and, if you cast your mind back, you may remember that Barry Allen changing history caused the Piper to become an ally of Team Flash instead of an enemy. Since his redemption, however, he’s never been seen again.

Canadagraphs notes that they were unable to guarantee that actor Andy Mientus was playing Pied Piper. Likewise, it’s extremely difficult to tell if it’s him from the unfocused set photos (which you can see by following the link at the bottom of the page). However, their report does outline the scene they witnessed being shot. It seems that Barry teams up with Hartley to defeat Godspeed, likely at the end of the episode. This suggests to me that it’s the same version of Piper from before and not a reset post-“Crisis” take on him, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As previously discussed, it’s possible that Godspeed will have been changed by Earth-1’s switch to Earth-Prime, as a different stunt actor was seen to be playing the evil speedster. Presumably, this episode will finally explain what the deal was with all those fake Godspeeds from back in the season 6 opener.

In any case, The Flash continues tonight with episode 6×12 “A Girl Named Sue” on The CW, and it looks to be an installment that you won’t want to miss.

Source: Canadagraphs