Epic New Art Brings Together Ben Affleck And Titans’ Brenton Thwaites As Batman And Robin


Though we may know that someone took up the mantle of Robin at some point on the DC Extended Universe’s timeline, nobody seems to be in agreement on just how many there were, or if indeed Jason Todd was the one killed by the Joker. Still, the shrine to a fallen Boy Wonder glimpsed in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice showed that the Caped Crusader’s greatest failure finally transcended comics and animation.

So, while it remains to be seen if we’ll ever know of who fought beside Batfleck, we’re left with another incomplete equation. You see, after yesterday’s reveal of Brenton Thwaites in full Robin regalia was put forth to hype the upcoming Titans series, many fans are now thinking about his Dark Knight.

Of course, the show’s producers won’t simply ignore Dick Grayson’s past, but there’s probably much red tape preventing them from having Batman show up in their universe – at least for the the time being. Still, we know he’ll be mentioned in some fashion, and that the iconic Bat-signal will put in an appearance.

Despite none of us working outside the production being privy to how these separate continuities may align, there’s no law preventing anyone from fantasizing about Ben Affleck’s’ Batman and Brenton Thwaites’ Robin cleaning up the streets of Gotham City together. I mean, why not, especially when considering how both men boast the most comic book accurate and badass costumes the Dynamic Duo have worn in live action to date?

Showing us how such a team-up would appear is that of “UltraRaw26,” who posted some cool fan art (seen above) over on their Instagram page. As you can see, the two heroes are striking a pose in front of the Batmobile, while the artist also manages to convey the dark atmosphere native to the metropolitan area they protect.

Like we said,  time will tell if the Masked Manhunter ever pops up on Titans, but we can continue to dream. In the meantime, be sure to read up on everything we thus far know to be coming to the DC Universe streaming service.

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