Leaked Titans Call Sheets Hint At Batman’s Role


Despite Batman being DC’s most prolific hero in media for the past 30 years, Warner Bros. have sure been protective of both him and his supporting characters. Heck, we won’t soon forget how the likes of Two-Face, Scarecrow and Ra’s al Ghul weren’t allowed to appear on The Batman – an animated series – because the studio thought the general audience would confuse them with those appearing in Christopher Nolan’s live action trilogy!

But, in recent years, there’s been a turnaround of sorts with two distinctly different versions of Superman existing simultaneously: We have Henry Cavill saving the day on the big screen, with Tyler Hoechlin doing likewise on The CW’s Supergirl. Similarly, the Caped Crusader may soon find himself in a comparable situation.

If you’ll remember, there was some chatter circulating a few months back saying that Batman could appear on the upcoming live action Titans series in some fashion, which actually ties into what we have to discuss today.

Thanks to some leaked call sheets that have found their way into the hands of Comic Book Movie, we have a better picture of what the Dark Knight’s role may be. And if you examine them in the accompanying gallery, you’ll see that Bruce Wayne’s penthouse will be prominently featured in at least one episode.

To be honest, Dick Grayson could be merely using his mentor’s resources as CBM pointed out, but we can’t rule out Bruce himself showing up for a scene or two in the present, or playing a role in flashbacks. And with the original Robin leading the charge, it comes as no surprise that that corner of the DC Universe be generously mined, as the likes of Ra’s al Ghul and Jason Todd have also been rumored to show up.

Still, we advise that you not get your hopes up when it comes to Batman appearing on Titans because WB may not want to spread the character too thin with both Ben Affleck and David Mazouz currently playing Bruce Wayne in different variations. But again, Tyler Hoechlin’s Man of Tomorrow’s mere existence tells us nothing is impossible, so we’ll keep an open mind.

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