Fan Art Shows What Alan Ritchson Could Look Like As Hawk On Titans


Having been a beloved comic book property for decades before becoming a darling among animation lovers beginning in 2003, one could say that the Teen Titans have been overdue for a live action adaptation for quite some time. Well, actually, they were set to headline their own movie with a theatrical release projected for 2010, but that endeavor was one of many unfortunately killed by the writers’ strike.

Thankfully, things have turned around as of late, with a live action Titans series slated to debut sometime in 2018 via a new digital streaming service that Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment are cooking up. Already, casting has been well underway, with Teagan CroftAnna Diop and Brenton Thwaites signing up for the roles of Raven, Starfire and Dick Grayson, respectively.

More recently, the cast was expanded thanks to the addition of Alan Ritchson (yes, Smallville’s Aquaman), who is set to play Hank Hall AKA Hawk, “one half of the crime-fighting, vigilante and romantic couple of Hawk and Dove. The perfect example of opposites attract, Hawk is an aggressive, offensive bruiser, while Dove is strategic, defensive and lithe. The role is recurring, with an option to become a regular in Season 2.” As for Dawn Granger AKA Dove, she’ll be played by Minka Kelly (Jane The Virgin).

Not surprisingly, fan art extraordinaire Boss Logic has given us an idea of what Ritchson may very well look like when fully suited up as Hawk, quite possibly before any costume fittings have even taken place. What makes this especially cool is that the actor himself complimented the work on Instagram, saying the following:

“Already have some awesome #Hawk fan art being churned out by the uber talented @Bosslogic. Love it.”

Let it be known that a Hawk and Dove spinoff is a very real possibility should their characters prove to resonate with Titans viewers. Admittedly, I never thought those two would ever be seen in live action, let alone one day headline their own series, but a lot of new territory is being charted these days.

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