Fans are losing it over [SPOILERS] cameo in Kevin Hart’s ‘True Story’

true story

While it may have been lost in the streaming shuffle after debuting on the same day as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Hawkeye, Kevin Hart’s semi-autobiographical Netflix miniseries True Story has evidently been drawing in plenty of eyeballs based on the social media reactions.

The story finds Hart’s world-famous comedian and movie star Kid returning to his hometown of Philadelphia, where he reunites with his disruptive older brother Carlton, as played by Wesley Snipes. After a drunken night out goes disastrously wrong, the two siblings are left to pick up the pieces of an event that could ruin both of their lives.

Early on in the first episode, we discover that Kid recently appeared in superhero blockbuster Anti-Verse, which is closing in on a billion dollars and has the studio chasing him for a sequel and a spinoff. As you can see below, his surprise co-star caught Twitter completely off-guard.

True Story has plenty of references to real-world events and industry machinations, but the team did a fantastic job in keeping Chris Hemsworth’s secret guest appearance under wraps. It adds another self-aware and meta layer to the story, which admittedly hasn’t been faring too well with critics, but it’s a diverting enough way to spent a few hours if you’ve got the time to binge it.