Fans devastated they’ll see less of John Cho with ‘Cowboy Bebop’ canceled


Today it was reported that Netflix’s latest venture into live-action anime adaptions Cowboy Bebop has been canceled less than a month after airing its first season. While it wasn’t the most beloved anime adaption of all time, fans are hoping for the best for one of the show’s core stars.

Following the news, social media has erupted with fans sharing their devastation for lead actor John Cho given the show’s cancellation. During the filming of the series, Cho reportedly injured himself performing a stunt that could have gone much worse for the actor. With this in mind, seeing the show canceled isn’t the outcome anyone was hoping for.

While there was much to criticize, the show’s main cast did receive a commendable amount of praise for their performances despite it not being completely accurate to the anime source material.

If you’ve not caught the series and formed your own opinion yet you can check out all ten episodes on Netflix. Here is some of what fans had to say after learning that the show had been canceled.

While we may not see Cho in the role of Spike Spiegel again anytime soon the actor has plenty more coming. The actor is set to star in the Amazon Studios film Don’t Make Me Go which is currently in the post-production phase so it won’t be long until you can see more of the actor on the big screen.