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Fans dig into ‘House of the Dragon’ episode 10 images as season finale leaks

The Rogue Prince prepares for the biggest fight of his life.

Image via HBO

House of the Dragon is ending its first acclaimed run this Sunday, but some folks on the internet may have unwittingly stumbled on the finale a little earlier than HBO intended.

The Game of Thrones community is no stranger to leaks. We can almost remember that day in May 2016 when “The Door” — the fifth episode in season six — started circulating online almost 48 hours before its air time, and then “Beyond the Wall” in season seven, and “The Last of the Starks” in the final run. The first two episodes of House also leaked a while before their designated time slot, but I guess we should be glad the prequel show managed to go seven weeks without another compromise.

Now, as fans battle the urge to go on social media and risk spoiling the finale for themselves, HBO has released another batch of promo images that highlight what’s to come in the conclusive act of the first season. In it, Rhaenyra and Daemon can be seen discussing their predicament in an intimate setting, with lines of worry clearly creasing the Rogue Prince’s forehead. Other images include the rest of the House ensemble who are siding with the Blacks in the finale, so check them out below.

Also noteworthy is Otto Hightower coming all the way to Dragonstone to confront Rhaenyra after his treachery. Matt Smith’s Daemon will be the one to welcome him, though, and we have a feeling the two might finally come to actual blows in the same spot they almost did several decades prior.

In any event, the House of the Dragon finale will become available for streaming on HBO Max at 9 pm ET on Sunday, so let’s hope that we can get there without the internet spoiling more than half of its startling developments and surprise twists.

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