Fans’ petition to bring back Netflix’s ‘Cowboy Bebop’ now has a counter-petition

While many people were sad to see Netflix give up all hope on their adaption of Cowboy Bebop after just one season, there were quite a few people equally enthusiastic to see it go. It’s no secret that the show was a serious disappointment to subscribers on the platform, but few may have expected people to stand up and collect signatures to make sure the series stays dead for good.

Still, this is exactly what has begun happening. Fans who disliked the live-action adaptation launched a petition on that has so far managed to pull over five-thousand five-hundred signatures at the time of writing to keep the series canceled.

“The Anime Cowboy Bebop is a masterpiece,” the petition reads. “The Netflix Live Action adaptation is an empty shell that doesn’t capture anything from the anime that reflects the soul, heart, humor, noir, or substance of it in any way shape or form.  It butchers the story and the characters, namely Spike and Faye; who’s character was completely butchered…

Let this putrid adaptation remain a distant memory of a thing that we never talk about. And just go and enjoy the anime version.”

It’s likely that another petition making the rounds trying to bring the series back from the dead spawned this petition. Unfortunately for those against the live-action adaptation, that petition now has over fifty-eight thousand signatures, seemingly cementing the fact that far more people want to see the series continue than see it die for good.

If, for some reason, you haven’t checked out the new Cowboy Bebop yet, both the live-action version and the anime original are available to stream on Netflix now. Give them both a try and decide for yourself which version is your favorite.