Crisis On Infinite Earths Fans Going Crazy For That Smallville Scene


The mission to stop the “Crisis On Infinite Earths” continues, with the search for the Seven Paragons underway whose combined “purest will” can put an end to the Anti-Monitor’s reign of destruction, one of whom was revealed to be a Superman from another Earth.

This led to Earth-167, on which the decade-long saga of Smallville took place, and a cameo appearance from Tom Welling, who played the nascent superhero for its entire run. Even though everyone already knew it was coming and that it would only be a small part, fans were still suitably excited to see him in the role one last time, as evidenced below.

Many people loved the feeling of wallowing in the wave of nostalgia that being transported back to the Kent Farm instilled in them after so many years.

Building on that, some chose to share how much Welling did things for them then and still does now, commenting on how well the man now into his forties is aging.

Many expressed the warm feeling of satisfaction at seeing Clark and Lois together across the multiverse, and that their relationship has survived everything that destiny has thrown at them.

For some, the most joy was found in discovering that they are now parents.

On a less positive note, many people were disappointed at the revelation that Clark had given up his powers and so was not seen in the famous suit, potentially due to Welling’s known reluctance to don the costume possibly being a stipulation of his accepting to participate in the first place.

Overall, the Smallville scene of Crisis On Infinite Earths was completely surplus to requirements and didn’t actually add anything to the episode’s story, but as a nod to fans who were in love with DC characters long before the Arrowverse popularized them, it was a genuine acknowledgment of their loyalty and enthusiasm that allowed the show to last for so long.

The decision to have Clark powerless and living with Lois as a normal man is likely a nod to Alan Moore’s famous story Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?, in which Superman realizes the world can manage fine without him, and, like this coda to one of the most successful superhero series ever, grants Clark and Lois the only real happy ending possible.