Tom Welling Says He Only Has A Small Role In Crisis On Infinite Earths


One of the big draws of “Crisis on Infinite Earths” for DC fans is the chance to see Tom Welling reprise his role as Clark Kent for the first time since Smallville ended in 2011. Seeing as he’s something of a superhero TV icon, fans have a long checklist of things they’d like to see him tick off in the crossover: interact with the Arrowverse heroes, team up with the other Supermen actors involved and, of course, wear the Man of Steel’s suit at last.

Unfortunately, it looks like we should prepare ourselves for Welling only turning up for a single scene. One fan encountered the Smallville star during his recent appearance at Wizard Con Austin and according to their tweet about it, the actor told them that he was only on set for one day and shot just the one scene for the crossover.

Honestly, this does fit with the evidence. On September 26th, Erica Durance – Welling’s Smallville co-star who will also be returning alongside him as Lois Lane – shared a snap on her Instagram account of herself and Welling in costume, posing on the Kent farm. On September 30th, Elizabeth Tulloch – Earth-38’s Lois – posted a group photo of herself with Welling and her Superman Tyler Hoechlin in front of the Kent house.

The pics were shared several days apart but they were both taken in the same location and Welling was wearing the same costume in both. So, it looks like him and Durance’s single scene in “Crisis” will see them interacting with another Lois and Clark. That’s some good news, at least.

Of course, as much as we would’ve loved Welling to stick around for the whole of the event, it’s hard to complain, as it’s pretty incredible that The CW has managed to pull a crossover of this size off in the first place. And it all gets underway when “Crisis on Infinite Earths” begins on Sunday, December 8th.