MCU Fans Freaking Out Over Ultron’s Return In This Week’s What If…?

What If Ultron

This week’s What If…? was clearly written with the motto “go big or go home” in mind. The episode explored what would happen if Ultron successfully transplanted himself into Vision and brought about a true “Age of Ultron”. This saw him cause a global nuclear apocalypse, take control of the Infinity Stones, destroy the known universe, and bust through the fabric of reality to beat up The Watcher.

Also, as is now traditional in What If…?, Tony Stark died horribly. Though in this instance he deserved it, as his half-baked plan to put “a suit of armor around the world” killed almost the entire universe. Great work, Tony.

Along the way, we got some truly awe-inspiring scenes. Highlights were Captain Marvel going all-out against Ultron, with him destroying her in a solar-system-sized explosion, the Watcher/Ultron bout that blasted through a ton of alt-universes (including one where Steve Rogers was being sworn in as President!), and the final cliffhanger featuring the return of Strange Supreme.

The episode has only just aired, but fans are already posting their reactions on social media. Here’s a sample:

This two-parter will be continued next week in an episode that’ll bring together the various alternate heroes to form a ‘What If Avengers’. This looks to be lead by Strange Supreme, but should also feature Captain Carter, Party Thor, T’Challa Star-Lord, and post-apocalyptic Black Widow. Either way, with the multiverse at stake The Watcher is having to break his one vow and intervene so I’m sure there’ll be consequences for that too.

What If…? has already been confirmed for a second season of nine episodes, which I’m hoping will air next year. I’m going to miss my weekly dose of animated craziness once the first season is over, but at least it looks like we’re in for a barnstorming finale. Next Wednesday can’t come soon enough.