Marvel’s What If…? Creator Teases An Even Weirder Season 2

marvel's what if

All of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s live-action projects are bound by the rules of canon and continuity, which is one of the major reasons Disney Plus series What If…? has been such a breath of fresh air. While it’s technically part of the official mythology that unfolds in various pockets of the multiverse, the shackles came off as the creative team dived headfirst into a series of unexpected and unpredictable stories.

We’ve seen Peggy Carter become a super soldier, T’Challa lead the Guardians of the Galaxy, Hank Pym murder the Avengers one by one, Doctor Strange grieving so much over the death of Christine Palmer that he ended up destroying the entire universe, flesh eating zombies turn the MCU’s superheroes into a horde of the undead, Killmonger almost causing an international incident after rescuing and then killing Tony Stark, with the most recent adventure following Thor as he threw an intergalactic rager.

Season 2 has already been confirmed, and it’ll factor several Phase Four projects into the equation. In a new interview with Deadline’s Hero Nation podcast, creator and lead writer A.C. Bradley teased that things will get a whole lot weirder when What If…? returns to our screens for a second run.

“Season 2 is a lot of fun. The training wheels come off, and we get to do a little bit weirder, wilder. There’s one episode which is probably the closest to my own personality I’ve ever written. It’s heartfelt. It’s full of action and bad ‘90s clothing choices.”

We’ve still got two more episodes of Season 1 left before we start planning too far ahead in our minds, but nothing is off limits for Marvel’s What If…?. That’s what makes the animated hit such a unique entry in MCU lore, because no storyline or development pitched in the writers’ room could be deemed too wild or out-there.