Fear Is Born In First Rosemary’s Baby Teaser


Miniseries have been all the rage on TV lately, with various adaptations, remakes and even original ideas getting green-lit by every network in hopes of drawing viewers in for ‘event’ shows. The strategy worked exceedingly well for CBS last summer with Stephen King adaptation Under The Dome, and premium networks have been raking in the ratings with acclaimed miniseries like The ReturnedTop of the Lake and Klondike. And with everything from a Hillary Clinton biopic to an adaptation of Stephen King’s Tommyknockers in the works, it doesn’t look like miniseries will be going away anytime soon.

This summer, NBC will air a four-hour adaptation of the Ira Levin novel Rosemary’s Baby, which was previously adapted by Roman Polanski into what is widely considered to be one of the finest horror films of all time. In the past few weeks, we’ve seen photos and a poster, but now NBC is turning up the heat on their marketing campaign with the first official footage from the series.

Though brief, the teaser gives us our first look at the unfortunate mother-to-be, Rosemary (Avatar actress Zoe Saldana), and her husband Guy Woodhouse (Suits‘ Patrick J. Adams). “I’m pregnant,” reveals Rosemary. “We’re pregnant,” her husband replies, grinning. The exchange should be joyous, but sinister music in the background promises dark times ahead for the couple. Additional shots of Rosemary with a bloodied nose and then screaming in terror drive home the fact that NBC is really going for the jugular with this series.

Considering the talent involved, Rosemary’s Baby is definitely one to watch. Scott Abbott (Queen of the Damned) wrote the script with James Wong (Final DestinationAmerican Horror Story), while Agnieszka Holland (Treme) has been locked in to direct all four installments.

Jason Isaacs, Christina Cole and Carole Bouquet co-star in Rosemary’s Baby, which NBC will likely reveal a summer premiere date for within the next few weeks.

Based on the 1967 best-selling suspense novel by Ira Levin, this new adaptation of “Rosemary’s Baby” centers on a young married couple who escapes New York and moves to Paris with hopes of leaving their sad past behind. After a series of unfortunate events, Rosemary and Guy Woodhouse are presented with an offer they can’t refuse – an apartment at the most prestigious address in the city. Problem is, it comes with a haunted past and an immeasurable price.

Rosemary (Zoe Saldana, “Avatar,” “Star Trek Into Darkness”) and Guy (Patrick J. Adams, “Suits”) are incredulous at their good fortune and find comfort in a strange city among their new friends and neighbors, the Castevets. This well-to-do successful older couple takes the newcomers under their wing and become very involved with the Woodhouses’ lives. Things seem to be perfect as Rosemary becomes pregnant and Guy’s career takes off. As their spirited best friend, Guy’s co-worker Julie (Christina Cole), spends quality time with Rosemary in the city, she finds Rosemary’s health worrying and cautions both of them that something isn’t right. Soon there are other signs warning Rosemary to be careful.

Guy seems to be pulling away from Rosemary and spending a great deal of time hanging around with Roman Castevet (Jason Isaacs, “Harry Potter” franchise). Roman’s wife, the whimsical Margaux Castevet (Carole Bouquet, “For Your Eyes Only”), assures Rosemary her herbs and holistic medicine will help with the pregnancy, but are they helping or hurting? Rosemary’s quizzical nature leads her to investigate the building and its past residents. She uncovers a dark past and realizes who Roman Castevet truly is. But is it too late? Are the Castavets’ perceived sinister motives legitimate or all in the pregnancy brain of Rosemary?

Source: /Film