Morgan’s Journey Over To Fear The Walking Dead Will Toy With Your Expectations


Morgan Jones is bound for Fear The Walking Dead.

After almost eight years spent on AMC’s flagship zombie drama, The Walking Dead – remember, Lennie James’ survivor initially cropped up during the show’s pilot, where he provided shelter to the wounded Rick Grimes – Morgan is about to encounter an entirely new group of survivors come April.

Well, we say new, when really we mean a cast of familiar faces – namely the Clark Family and their close allies. That’s right, Morgan Jones is jumping ship, and we understand his arrival in Fear The Walking Dead will shake things up quite considerably. And that’s despite the fact that James is unable to divulge any firm plot details, as evidenced by his recent interview with TVLine:

It’s very, very tricky and it’s the question that everybody’s asking me and it was the question that, obviously, I had when it was all proposed to me. But, at this particular moment in time, I can’t answer that question.

With that said, the seasoned Walking Dead veteran did promise a radical expansion for Morgan Jones as a character, as viewers are about to see a “continuation” of the battle raging from within.

I can safely say that, in a weird way, it is both a continuation of that battle that Morgan’s having with himself and with the people around him, and it is still part of his journey to finding some kind of inner peace—but it’s not necessarily told in a straight line. As is typical—or becoming typical—with The Walking Dead, it is not as straightforward as any explanation that I’m allowed to give you would necessarily seem.

When it comes to Morgan’s journey from one show to another, perhaps it’s best to expect the unexpected? We’ll find out more once Fear The Walking Dead shuffles onto our screens for a fourth season on April 15th.

Source: TVLine