Robert Kirkman Outlines Morgan’s Journey Into Fear The Walking Dead Season 4


If The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead have spent years operating on two different tracks – separated by both distance and time – then the latter’s fourth season is about to break new ground.

And it all revolves around Morgan Jones. In essence, Lennie James’ series mainstay is the bridge between two worlds, and AMC’s zombie apocalypse – one that has unfurled across two very distinct fronts – will soon feel like a much more cohesive and indeed interconnected franchise.

But if you’re wondering exactly how Morgan finds himself amongst Madison, Alicia and the other principal characters of Fear The Walking Dead, you’re not alone. Thankfully, series creator Robert Kirkman addressed that very question in Letter Hacks, an online column in which the Walking Dead specialist solicits questions from budding readers week in, week out. One curious fan chimed in about AMC’s long-awaited crossover, to which Kirkman replied:

This half of Season Eight leads directly into Fear the Walking Dead Season Four, which will shake that show in a majorly cool way. So make sure you hang around for that.

When everything falls into place, and Morgan swaps TWD for FTWD, Kirkman believes the crossover will signal a major status-quo shift for the latter zombie drama.

It’s going to be a lot of really great stuff for Lennie James to do. Lennie James’ presence with that established cast in Fear the Walking Dead is going to change everything for them, and give them so much more new stuff to play off of, and really change the story in an interesting way that I feel like is going to kick start that show, and really get the engines roaring on that one.

Season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead has been earmarked for Sunday, April 15th, while its sister series, TWD, is expected to return on February 25th.