New Fear The Walking Dead Season 2 Poster Finds Everyone Lost At Sea


Fear The Walking Dead is poised to take the zombie apocalypse into open waters when it stumbles back to AMC this spring, and the network has debuted the first poster online to satiate the hunger of fans waiting for its return.

With a tagline promising there will be “no safe harbor,” the poster puts a creepy skull-faced sunset in the center of the image, looming over the yacht that Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) discussed taking to escape the apocalypse at the end of last season. No doubt that it won’t provide them much protection considering the ominous glint to the poster.

Over the past few weeks, AMC has begun teasing the ocean setting of the show’s second season, promising as much danger as ever for the family at the center of Fear The Walking Dead. The show is inherently slow (so is its parent series, arguably), but really built tension as the short six-episode season went on and became one of the best things on TV last summer.

Season 2 is set to debut on Sunday, April 10, a week after the finale to the sixth season of The Walking Dead. Dismayingly, the network has decided to pull a classic AMC move and split Fear The Walking Dead up into two bites this year, with the second half airing “later in 2016.” Hopefully they remember that the best companion series doesn’t air concurrently with the show it’s spun off from, and keep the prequel series off the air when The Walking Dead is bloodying up television.

Check out the creepy new poster for Fear The Walking Dead below, and let us know what you think is in the cards for Madison and the gang this season in the comments below.

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