The 10 Best Television Shows Of Summer 2015

Summer TV featured image

Summer is coming to an end. Sorry to put that into unavoidable words, but it’s true. Every other commercial on television is an ad for a new fall show premiering in a few short weeks, and most of the big summer tent-pole series are starting to wrap up. With that heavy-set ennui firmly in place, let’s not look forward to early mornings and scantrons and hectic work schedules, but backwards. To the summer TV season that was 2015 and some of the absolute best reasons in years to trade in your sunscreen for a television (or computer, or phone, or whatever) screen.

This summer was a busy one, and a notably high quality one as well. Gone were the days of stockpiling old movies and unworthy-of-your-time reality shows just to make it to September. Shows ran the gamut from dystopian-esque cyber thrillers to soapy reality show dramas and even David Lynchian mysteries. In other words, if you were indoors and bored between May and August, there was something to keep you occupied for a blessedly succinct 10-13 hours.


With all of this swirling through our heads, We Got This Covered is here to rank the ten highest honors on television this summer. No worst list here (and believe me, I could have filled one), just brightness and positivity in honor of the waning summer months.

The rules are simple: the show had to premiere between May and August on any television network or streaming service (so, no web series) and could be both a new or returning series. With that in mind, let’s start with number ten…