New Fear The Walking Dead Promo Tees Up The Crossover We’ve All Been Waiting For


Prior to AMC’s crossover event, Morgan Jones and Madison Clark are two names you weren’t likely to find in the same sentence. And yet here we are.

Three weeks from now, the Powers That Be will bring together the worlds of Walking Dead and its sister series, Fear The Walking Dead, in spectacular fashion.

Morgan Jones, a long-time veteran of the zombie drama, is bound for Texas, where he’ll forge an uneasy alliance with Madison Clark, based on today’s tense new promo for season 4. Pegged for a premiere on April 15th – the same date of The Walking Dead‘s season finale, no less – Fear The Walking Dead‘s latest installment is on the verge of making history, and Morgan actor Lennie James simply can’t wait to see/hear the reaction from viewers:

When the whole thing was suggested, I tried to think of another character in television history who’s about to do the journey that my character is being offered and I can’t think of one. If you can it’d be really helpful cause I’d like to find that person and figure out how it all kind of went. But I couldn’t think of anybody else, and that in itself what kind of exciting.

Jones continued:

I mean, it’s the only reason I said ‘yes’ was the expiration of the character. It wasn’t really for any other reason other than what would be the possibilities of bringing Morgan into the heart of a different collection of people, where he had a different set of history and different connections and see who he can end up being. For an actor, having already been associated with a character for eight years, that’s a hell of a gift. It’s literally very rare. So that was what was exciting.

Just as The Walking Dead season 8 reaches its conclusion with the super-sized “Wrath,” AMC is expected to pass the torch (and Morgan Jones!) to season 4 of Fear The Walking Dead, which may well herald the advent of the Whisperers, after all. April 15th is the date for your diaries, folks.