Female Lead For Cassian Andor TV Show Reportedly Revealed


We’ve known that a Cassian Andor TV series is on the way for a while now, but few concrete details have arrived so far. With production expected to begin this summer, though, some new information is finally coming our way. First of all, it’s obvious that the show will be a prequel, following the Rebel spy prior to his tragic death in Rogue OneGiven this, don’t expect Jyn Erso to appear, as Cassian only met her during that movie. Instead, the series will introduce a new female lead.

According to The Illuminerdi, the name of the original character is Luna, which has to be a deliberate in-joke directed at the series’ leading man, Diego Luna. The outlet notes that, as previously announced, Luna (the actor) will be joined by Alan Tudyk in the show, who’ll be reprising his role as fussy droid K-2SO. The third series regular will then be Luna (the character), who’s described as a few years younger than Cassian and is said to be “charismatic” and “dynamic.”

It was also noted by the site that the lucky actress who wins the part will “have options” as things progress. This effectively means that the individual could go on to appear in other places in the Star Wars franchise beyond just this series, which is intriguing, to say the least. It sounds like Lucasfilm might have big plans for this mysterious character and this likely means she’ll meet a better fate than Cassian did in Rogue One.

Previous reports have also pointed to Lucasfilm wanting to brush up the scripts for the series after being unhappy with the quality. This isn’t expected to affect production, though, with the Cassian Andor show due to start shooting this June in the United Kingdom. That’ll make it the next new Star Wars Disney Plus effort to film, what with the Obi-Wan Kenobi vehicle being pushed back.