Female-Led Matrix TV Show Reportedly Coming To HBO Max


The Matrix has been switched off for the past two decades, but it’s about to be rebooted with the incoming Matrix 4the belated sequel which is set to bring back Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss alongside franchise newcomers Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jessica Henwick. That’s not all Warner Bros. is planning to do with the brand, though, as We Got This Covered is hearing that a TV series set in the same universe is also in development.

Our sources – the same ones who told us Manteen II is playing Young Morpheus in The Matrix 4, which has since been confirmed – are saying that a Matrix TV show is on its way to upcoming streaming service HBO Max. We’ve been informed that the project will be female-led, with the story following a young woman discovering that she’s in the Matrix and joining the fight against the machines. So, in other words, much like the premise of the original movie. What’s more, this protagonist will apparently be introduced in The Matrix 4, making the show a sequel/spinoff of the film. At least, that’s according to our sources, who also told us a Green Lantern series was coming to HBO Max before it was officially announced.

That’s all we know about the project right now though, so we’re left to wonder who’s spearheading it. Lana Wachowski is co-writing and directing The Matrix 4, with her sister and co-creator of the franchise Lilly Wachowski electing to not return, though she has given the new movie her blessing. Lilly will likely have no involvement with the TV show, then, but will Lana? Time will tell.

We already know that WB reportedly has hopes for The Matrix 4 to kickstart a new trilogy. So, if that goes ahead, presumably Wachowski will be too busy with the cinematic franchise to take a hands-on role with the show. In that case, perhaps we can expect Lana to serve as an executive producer with other creatives taking over showrunning duties. I’d speculate that some of Lana’s colleagues from Netflix’s Sense8 could be brought over to work on the Matrix series, but again, we weren’t given any indication of who may be calling the shots.

As for the lead character, there’s no news on who could play them yet, but keep an eye out on casting news for the movie as we’ll apparently meet them in the upcoming sequel first. Speaking of which, The Matrix 4 is due in cinemas on May 21st, 2021, with production set to begin in Chicago next month. Watch this space for more.