Filming Has Wrapped On Doctor Who Season 11


Production on Doctor Who season 11 has now officially wrapped. The show’s Twitter account made the announcement by sharing an image (seen below) of a clapperboard with the message “That’s a wrap!” written across it. Also note the colorful stripe which references the rainbow-striped shirt Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor wears.

Filming on season 11 has been underway since November 2017, meaning this revamped run follows the pattern set by previous seasons where each year’s batch of episodes takes nine months of hard work to produce. Likewise, the show’s base of operations remains in Cardiff, Wales. However, it’s believed that the crew ventured overseas this time around, too, with footage filmed in both South Africa and Spain.

From what we understand, the last few weeks of production were focused on putting together this year’s traditional Doctor Who Christmas special. Despite it being an annual institution, the fact that there would be another festive installment this year was curiously kept under wraps for a long time before it was finally revealed, albeit in non-committal terms, at San Diego Comic-Con.

As this suggests, new showrunner Chris Chibnall has done his utmost to keep spoilers for the Thirteenth Doctor’s debut run to a minimum. All that he’s officially told us so far is that the 10 episode season will be made up of standalone outings that’ll be aimed at a fresh audience. Which means we won’t even see the Time Lord’s deadliest enemies, the Daleks.

From set photos and leaked info, though, we’ve been able to work out the plot of a couple of episodes. It looks like one will see the TARDIS travel to 1960s America to explore the Rosa Parks incident, while another will visit the English Civil War apparently, as Alan Cumming accidentally let slip he was playing King James I.

We’ve still got no word on when we can expect Doctor Who to return to our screens, though it’s thought that it’ll premiere in either September or October. Hopefully now that filming has wrapped, Chibnall will be a bit more forthcoming with the details.