Firefly Writer Says Joss Whedon Would Boast About Making Women Cry


For years, Joss Whedon was held up as both a deity among the geek community and a feminist ally, but that facade has all but crumbled after the latest series of revelations and accusations to be levelled at the Buffy the Vampire Slayer creator. Whedon may have packed his projects with strong female characters, but his enthusiasm for women on the page clearly doesn’t translate to the working environments he cultivated on set.

After Charisma Carpenter came forward with her statement and was supported by Sarah Michelle Gellar, former Buffy alumni Amber Benson and Michelle Trachtenberg also revealed that they’d been subjected to the filmmaker’s abusive behavior, too. The latter case was particularly troubling, when Trachtenberg dropped the bombshell that Whedon wasn’t even allowed to be alone in a room with the actress, who was only a teenager when she played Dawn Summers.

Warner Bros. may have tried their best to sweep Ray Fisher’s investigation under the rug, but the continued Buffy fallout all stems from the Cyborg actor’s initial calling out of The Avengers director’s behavior during the Justice League reshoots. Now, former Firefly scribe Jose Molina has taken to social media claiming that Whedon would actively go out of his way to try and make the female members of the writing team cry because he found it funny, as you can see below.


While it’s a shame that enduringly popular and beloved shows like Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Dollhouse could now find themselves tainted by association, and the knives will already be out for HBO’s upcoming The Nevers despite Whedon already dropping out as showrunner despite creating the period fantasy drama, the 56 year-old’s continued silence on the matter dating back to Fisher’s original claims only looks to incriminate him even further.