First DC TV Four-Way Crossover Clip Debuts Along With New Images


Not content to whet our appetites with mere synopses, The CW has now spoiled us with the first full clip from the gigantic DC TV crossover that’s set to include Supergirl, The Flash, Arrow, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Truth be told, we thought it impossible to be any more hyped for this event, but now, we’ve found ourselves to be wrong on that front.

The footage above shows The Flash introducing Supergirl to the rest of his cohorts from the Arrowverse. Unimpressed, Jax poses the question, “What makes her so super?” Letting actions speak louder than words, Kara shows off her gravity defying skills and then proceeds to leave her calling card with her heat vision. Needless to say, that’s how you make a first impression, and we all should be taking notes.

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If anything, this clip shows fans what they want to see: Superheroes truly being buddies, perhaps the very essence of the team-up concept. Although it’s a matter of public record that I enjoyed Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, I fully admit that I – and many others – prefer to see heroes stand together, not opposed to each other.

In addition to the footage, a ton of new images have been released, giving previously unseen looks at the crossover. Most interesting of the lot is Laurel Lance looking ready for her wedding day, most likely a product of a hallucination the Dominators are causing Oliver Queen to have. Not only that, but Thea has once again donned her Speedy costume as this new threat requires all hands on deck.

The “Invasion!” begins on Monday, November 28 with Supergirl on The CW. Check out the gallery below for all the images we have so far from the crossover, including this new batch.