First Full Trailer For The Twilight Zone Reboot Gets Under Your Skin


Before we know it, we’ll be venturing back into a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind, and there to guide us every step of the way will be none other than Get Out‘s Jordan Peele, who’ll be spearheading the reboot of classic 1960s sci-fi anthology series The Twilight Zone for CBS All Access.

Aside from the teaser that dropped a few weeks back during the Super Bowl, we haven’t seen too much of the project, but earlier today the network finally opened the floodgates, giving us our first proper look at what awaits us. With the trailer up above, they’ve served up a creepy, chilling, mind-bending glimpse at what Peele’s got in the works and it’ll without a doubt get under your skin.

It’s not terribly long, unfortunately, but this latest promo has certainly got us intrigued. If nothing else, it’ll be interesting to see if The Twilight Zone reboot can live up to the original. Which, as this latest trailer reminds us, is the most iconic series ever. A bold statement, sure, but one that’s not exactly wrong.

Twilight Zone

Created and hosted by Rod Serling all those years ago, for those unfamiliar with it, The Twilight Zone was a whip-smart anthology series that revolved around the world’s atomic paranoia with uncanny precision. The reboot will no doubt mix up the formula a bit so that it can play on the current socio-political climate, and if this trailer is any indication of what’s in store, then it looks like we’re in for a sharply crafted reboot that may even become must-watch television.

On April 1st, The Twilight Zone will officially make its way back onto our screens, and we couldn’t be more excited for it. Especially since the brilliant Jordan Peele is leading the way. Between this and Us, it’s certainly going to be a big year for the filmmaker.