First Game Of Thrones Season 6 Clip Is Heavy On Tension, Light On Spoilers


As we inch closer and closer to the return of Game of Thrones, you’ll either find yourself walking on eggshells or, on the other hand, seeking out each and every marketing trinket to come off the HBO production line.

But the network has carved out something of a middle ground today, premiering the first clip for season 6 that is largely devoid of spoiler-sensitive material. Arriving by way of Conan, the popular chat host was joined by Liam Cunningham – known as Davos Seaworth/Onion Knight across the Seven Kingdoms – who unveiled the snippet in question.


Pulled from the first episode of season 6 – entitled “The Red Woman” – we see Cunningham’s earnest pirate draw his sword against men of the Night’s Watch. Housed up in the same room as the fallen Jon Snow, not to mention his trusty Direwolf Ghost, the clip appears to tee up a conflict between Davos’ men and the Brothers of Castle Black. Could Cunningham’s character be carrying out the work of Melisandre?

If yesterday’s all-too-brief synopsis is any indication, we know for sure that Kit Harrington’s lead isn’t coming back anytime soon, as it states that “Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.” It’s ambiguous almost to the point of frustration, but in reality, particularly given the stakes, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Plus, if Cunningham is to be believed, we’re in for one helluva ride with Game of Thrones season 6, after the Irishman described the upcoming batch of episodes as “astonishing.”

Last year it was ‘worlds colliding.’ This year, it’s almost like you’re in a different drama series. There are new plans – and they’re enormous plans. There are new loyalties. There are new tensions. There are tensions between people where there were not tensions before. The words on the page are as delicious as what we’ve had in the past. And it’s culminating in some of the most remarkable television that’s ever been made. It’s astonishing.”

Praise the old gods and the new – Game of Thrones season 6 premieres on HBO come April 24.

Source: Conan