Liam Cunningham Calls Game Of Thrones Season 6 “Astonishing,” Premiere Titled The Red Woman


Two weeks out from the show’s return, and HBO has unveiled the official synopsis for the season 6 premiere of Game of Thrones, and it’s about as ambiguous as you would expect.

Ever since the credits rolled on the season 5 finale, the fate of Kit Harington’s fallen Lord Commander has been discussed at length – a conversation that has included, and often fuelled by, the actor himself. But the aforementioned logline for the first episode of season 6 makes no bones about Jon Snow’s status, at least for the time being.


Entitled “The Red Woman” – a sure-fire reference to Melisandre and her seemingly all-powerful Lord of Light – the season 6 premiere is outlined as so: “Jon Snow is dead. Daenerys meets a strong man. Cersei sees her daughter again.” Well, we did say it was ambiguous.

Whether HBO is intentionally stoking speculation is something we’ll leave to you, but with no press screenings planned before Game of Thrones‘ return, the network will be keen to keep spoiler-sensitive material in the bowels of Braavos’ Hall of Faces until April 24. But even based on today’s all-too-brief snippet alone, we gather that Melisandre’s presence at Castle Black is no accident.

In related news, Ser Davos Seaworth himself, Liam Cunningham, billed Game of Thrones season 6 as “astonishing,” even going so far as to say that the next batch of episodes resets the chess board.

Last year it was ‘worlds colliding.’ This year, it’s almost like you’re in a different drama series. There are new plans – and they’re enormous plans. There are new loyalties. There are new tensions. There are tensions between people where there were not tensions before. The words on the page are as delicious as what we’ve had in the past. And it’s culminating in some of the most remarkable television that’s ever been made. It’s astonishing.”

Kit Harington’s bastard is by no means the only lead facing a tough time going into Game of Thrones season 6, with Arya Stark also poised to step out of the frying pan and into the freezer.

Source: EW