First Look At Silver Banshee In Upcoming Crossover Between Supergirl And The Flash


Despite all of the great superhero movies coming out in 2016, the upcoming small screen crossover between Supergirl and The Flash is what really has fans buzzing at the moment.

Little is known about how that episode is going to play out (including how Barry Allen is going to end up on Kara’s world), but a new set photo may at least shed some light on the threat these two heroes will be teaming up to take on when their paths cross for the first time; that being Siobhan Smythe, perhaps better known as Silver Banshee.

In Supergirl, Siobhan is described as being Cat Grant’s latest hire who at first will become a work nemesis for Kara before she later proves a more deadly foe for the hero when she takes on the mantle of DC Comics villain, Silver Banshee. How that will tie into The Flash’s appearance obviously remains to be seen, but we’re definitely intrigued.

For those unfamiliar with the character, in the comic books Silver Banshee is traditionally a Superman villain, but in recent years has taken aim at his cousin, Supergirl. The two actually became friends for a time, but obviously that didn’t last very long.

Supergirl has so far been a little hit and miss when it comes to adapting some of the character’s greatest foes, but it really does seem as if the CBS series will spend some time developing Silver Banshee’s character before she becomes a full on villain capable of taking on both the Girl and Steel and Fastest Man Alive. This is certainly a sign of progress for the show, but we’ll just have to wait and see how it all pans out.

In the meantime, take a look at the set photo in question below and see if you can spot Silver Banshee in the background.


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